Lynda Gaynor
Senior Research Associate
Lynda is an experienced research consultant who specialises in creating an evidence base to inform policy development and strategic planning across multiple themes.

Compiling an evidence base generally involves both primary and secondary research - preparing case studies, reviewing international good practice and strategy documents, in-depth 1-to-1 or telephone consultations as well as database creation. The outputs range from recommendations for policy to briefing papers, feasibility studies and business plans. 

Where the theme is new or unexplored, the research underpins a scoping exercise outlining the issues, identifying and mapping stakeholders, international practice, relevant legislation and information gaps. 

Most assignments involve working closely with  international experts in multiple disciplines – export and inward investment policy, entrepreneurship and enterprise development, science and technology for economic growth, tourism, international development and the community and voluntary sector. The highest value added occurs on projects which cut across the different themes.

Lynda is fluent in Spanish, competent in French and have University level German.

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