Ann Astell
Renaissance Associate
Ann is a chartered psychologist with over 25 years experience as a consultant in the fields of people and organisation development.

Her strengths are in strategy, needs diagnosis, client relationship management as a consultant with extensive experience of all dimensions of bringing psychology to organisational thinking and people performance.  
  • Alongside two degrees in Psychology, she is an associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society
  • Much of her experience has been with public sector organisations, in health, international development and government.  Her knowledge of what underpins leadership skills and their development gives her particular depth in supporting partnership development
  • She has worked as a civil servant before becoming a consultant and has worked on a number of policy initiatives, getting them into the public arena in ways that work in a sustainable manner
  • She worked as a consultant with PA Consulting Group for nearly 10 years in the 1990s in their Human Resource practice.
Project Experience
Ann has carried out a number of leadership development projects for public and private sector organisations including the Manpower Services Commission and a number of enterprise agencies
  • When with PA she worked with Alistair Gray on the original Training for Tourism in Scotland project
  • She is currently working with VisitScotland developing their leadership competencies and mentoring systems.

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