In today’s economy, successful businesses must be ‘built to change’ rather than ‘built to last’.

All organisations require to be more flexible in their approach and ready to adapt to changing environments, whether it be keeping up-to-date with current guidance, policy and good practice or simply ensuring that employees have the skills to do their job efficiently and to improve the performance of the business.

It is essential to be informed of changes across business, sport, culture and lifestyle sectors in order to be successful. It is increasingly important to understand the challenges and opportunities arising from changing regulation. Likewise, sales and customer relationship training can improve service delivery for customers which can benefit the bottom line as well as aide retention of customers.

We train individuals and groups from the public and private sectors.

We offer:

  • Group workshops
  • Working group moderation through trained facilitators
  • Scenario thinking
  • Advice on legislation and policy and it’s interpretation
  • Sales and marketing training
  • One-to-one training

Our knowledge network ensures we are the first to know of forthcoming changes and are often asked to contribute to the development of new guidance. For example, we worked closely with Sport England to craft their current strategy and also with Scottish Enterprise to develop a new positive strategy to revitalise the Scottish Food & Drink industry.

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