Federations and Governing Bodies of Sport

Modern day pressures on those charged with governing sport are increasing – modernisation, strategic planning, governance, commercialisation, funding pressure, athletic and business performance and grass roots participation are all top of the agenda for leaders in sport bodies. Increased complexity and uncertainty is matched by an ever rising demand to produce results not only on the field but also off it.

Renaissance consultants work with leading sports organisations to maximise their business and sporting performance. We are experts in sport, trusted by many major sporting organisations to undertake their most challenging and sensitive assignments. We provide a range of services to international sports federations and national governing bodies of sport.

Our services:

  • Developing strategies for international and national governing bodies
  • Modernisation of sports and their organisations
  • Commercial planning and sponsorship
  • Monitoring and evaluation of major investments
  • High performance strategies
  • Leadership and management development

Most of our consultants are voluntary leaders and officials in sport as well as operating as consultants and advisers. This gives us a unique capability to relate to both voluntary leaders and professional managers. It enables us to facilitate real change with sensitivity to the special nature of sporting organisations. We are passionate about sport and about creating long-term success both on and off the field.

Our consultants have an unrivalled track record of working with sports to transform their performance. Examples of sports where our work has positively changed athletic or business performance include:

In Football

  • The FA - integrated strategy; reform of Women's Elite League
  • The Football Association of Ireland - leadership and governance; performance strategy
  • Scottish Football Association - facilities strategy, women's football strategy, performance strategy
In Rugby Union
  • RFU - review of Premiership Academies; Establish Community Board
  • Scottish Rugby Union - strategic review (2005); leadership
  • Irish Rugby Union - strategic plan (2004); review of performance in 2007 Rugby World Cup
In Tennis
  • LTA - major review and reform of Council; review of Advisory and Scrutiny Boards and the Councillor Liaison Committee
In Cricket
  • ECB - performance strategy for women's cricket; strategic sessions with the ECB Board
  • Cricket Australia - strategic review - 'Back Street to Baggie Green' 
  • Cricket Ireland - strategic plan review ; sponsorship (fund raising and activation)
  • KNCB - strategy development for Dutch Cricket
In Rugby League
  • RFL - performance strategy; constitutional reform - review of BARLA
In Golf
  • R&A - management/leadership development; strategic planning; recruitment of Chief Executive (The Secretary)
  • Scottish Golf Union - strategic review
In Netball
  • All England Netball - fundamental review and strategy to change the whole performance of the sport
In Swimming
  • British Swimming - strategic review of potential performance plan; strategy development; leadership
  • ASA - work with the board of the ASA and leadership development
  • Swim Ireland - strategic planning
In Athletics
  • UK Athletics - review of Performance Plan after Sydney Olympic Games.
In Boxing
  • Irish Boxing - fundamental review of performance and strategic plan to transform Ireland's leading Olympic sport
In addition our consultants have worked with a large number of smaller governing bodies of sport to improve their performance and leadership capacity. We were responsible for delivering UK Sport's 'Through the Keyhole' programme which successfully engaged a large number of governing bodies, especially their boards, in a review of performance.


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