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We have always known that poor leaders produce poor results and that good leaders are essential to high performance. Too often organisations have an approach to management development aimed at producing good leaders rather than great ones.

At Renaissance we use insights from high performance environments in business, sport and the public sector to inform a fresh approach to leadership development.

We provide leaders with the tools to create and support a high performance culture and a dynamic, thinking organisation. Our development programmes are practical and impactful because we focus simultaneously on mind-set and skills development.

We work with businesses across all industry sectors; national, international and public sector governing bodies of sport; and professional sports clubs, providing them the skills to proactively lead rather than simply manage.

Our team takes a three step approach:

  • Addressing the issues the organisation is facing right now, and focusing on performance and results.
  • Linking leadership development to strategy development and implementation, making it effective in terms of operational outputs. 
  • Leaving you with a mindset to think differently, the ability to harness and shape the thinking and actions of others, and the capacity to mobilise people and ideas into action.

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