“Strategy is not a goal or an objective or a target. It’s not a vision or a mission or a statement of purpose. It’s about choosing to be different from rivals in some important way (in order to achieve superior outcomes).”

Dr. P. Rosenzweig – “The Halo Effect”, 2007

As our world evolves, the ability to make and execute strategic choices, in conditions of uncertainty, is the one enduring source of competitive advantage for organisations.

We support clients in making better strategic choices and in implementing them to drive sustained high performance. We use unique approaches to tap into client expertise that, when combined with our own experience gives rise to insights that get to the heart of competitive advantage. We develop strategy ‘with’ our clients rather than simply ‘for’ them – an approach that gives rise to fundamentally better outcomes, with higher odds of success.

Our services:

  • Strategy audit
  • Market, competitor and customer analysis
  • Strategy context-setting
  • Scenario development and testing
  • Alternatives development and evaluation, strategy development
  • Strategy execution and change management

We work with clients of all sizes across industry, sport and local and central government.

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