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Radical Reform at Scottish Cycling
Radical Reform at Scottish Cycling
Client: Scottish Cycling
Location: All
We chose a proven approach to carrying out the review.
  • Foundation - facing the reality of the current performance as a sport and as a business
  • Strategy - establish a future vision of success that would catalyse change and action
  • Execution - a plan to win that was simple to follow and based on a small number of strategic initiatives and programmes for change.
A  key ingredient was to form a Steering Group from key individuals and stakeholders of the sport, and to undertake the most intensive period of consultation with the sports members in their history.

Cycling as a sport in the UK is ‘hot’. In recent years it has enjoyed above average growth relative to other sports and leisure activities. The cycle sport industry in the UK is valued at around £3bn and participation levels have grown at double-digit rates over the last 4 years.

Paradoxically, Scottish Cycling as an organisation has struggled through this period both as a business and an organisation (governing body of sport). Scottish athletes have continued to enjoy success on road, track and hillside. A number of positive changes have been made over the last year and it is hoped that the office move to the new Emirates Arena in Glasgow will act as a positive catalyst to further real change.

The overall impression gained from our consultation and review of current plans and strategic documents was that there is great consistency in what people want from Scottish Cycling now and in the future, and that there are many talented, committed people working in the sport, especially as volunteers.

Since the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London, Cycling has enjoyed even greater growth and the sport has been rewarded handsomely in recent funding announcements made by Sport England and UK Sport. 

It is hoped that Scottish Cycling will achieve similar support from sportscotland, as a result of the review. This support is not a given. Scottish Cycling failed a number of its key stakeholders over recent years and needed to face the new reality and respond through executing the recommendations of the review to demonstrate their commitment to higher levels of performance as a business and a sport. Scottish Cycling has no right to investment. That right has to be earned.

Following the recent Olympics Sir Chris Hoy commented on his hopes for legacy from the Games:

“The greatest legacy of all is possibly not even sporting…but a shift in our mind-sets.”

If Scottish Cycling is to succeed in the future there had to be a step change in mind-set, especially among the leaders of the sport, to embrace and build a culture of performance as a business and a sport. The Renaissance & Company review secured that change and early progress in execution has been encouraging.

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